Help Us by Fulfilling an Item on Our Wish List!  


We ask you to please contact us or directly

donate as individuals, corporations, or

groups to help us purchase items

that are difficult for us to fund. 

Although unrestricted donations allow us to

nimbly manage particularly in these

uncertain times, the wish list items

are requested as an important way for you

to directly benefit the many community

members we serve.  We are open to reuse

as well as a sustainable option if in good 

shape please.

·  6 row seeder

·  Jang seeder

·  (4) durable watering cans

·  Pruners

·  Heavy duty garden hoses (2) 10ft

·  Produce bins

·  Harvest bins

·  Plant timers

·  Children's garden books- English and Spanish

·  Replacement Plastic for tunnels

·  Supplies for Agriculture and Nutrition Education

·  Laminator

·  Peet pellets for student kits

Bee hive boxes

Adobe Acrobat Standard or Pro

Waterproof warm attire for our new farmer apprentices tbn

Dream list:

'New to us' 4 wheel drive full size truck for our farmers

Wifi/ Internet access at the farm

GoPro to create virtual lessons/ videos

Sunshade for the harvest washing area for the benefit of our staff and the produce

2 pop-up tents for student lessons/ harvesting/ farm stand/ Winter Market

If you can help by donating any of these items,  or have creative ideas to help us obtain these dream list needs, please contact us at

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