Class of 2021 High School Interns

High School Paid Internship Program

The paid summer high-school internship program is one of our key programs at the farm created to tap into the incredible abilities of the high school students living in Morristown. Students hit with messages of challenges about health and climate change need a place to empower them for the future. 

The internship is about more than performing tasks at The Urban Farm. Students learn leadership and problem solving. They learn to see projects through to completion. On a farm, from day to day, the work can change depending on many factors including weather. Learning to assess challenges and determine the best course of action with the leadership of the farmers are important life skills.  Some days are about weeding and harvesting, and playing music in the field but even then the social connections being made are important building blocks for their health- spending time with other students, volunteers, families and children.


The importance of learning teamwork and developing socialization skills are outcomes of the program that your funding makes possible. In spite of the many days of hot, humid weather, each student overwhelming recommends the program being available for others. They love to take home and enjoy the fresh produce of their labor too- and they try lots of new ones!

The base funding for the program comes from a local family foundation who strongly believes in the need for youth opportunities that tap into their potential to serve and grow. In 2021 we had students reaching out in numbers we haven't seen before. Individual donations in 2021 made it possible to double the number of high school students working alongside Farmer Shaun and Farmer Marley from a wide diversity of backgrounds.

There are so many benefits of meaningful employment for the next generation- social, emotional and physical. Learning new skills and learning about food systems helps reduce fear about climate change and lays the groundwork for future innovative solutions. We hear so many positive comments from the students and the parents about this time spent on the farm. 

Your donations prioritize the youth of our community- on an individual level as each of these students has a unique story and on a community level where they will grow up and make a difference!