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SEE YOU IN 2024!
Celebrate the start of winter with warmth and light.

Grow It Green welcomes you outside at the beautiful outdoor gathering space at the back of the community garden to come together and celebrate the passing of darkness into the light and the start of winter on the longest night of the year! What's the best way to celebrate the longest night of the year? TOGETHER! Join us for a yoga session led by Marisa Sweeney, owner of Be Well, adapted for all to join- a coats on winter session to get us moving and mindful on this evening! Celebrate with bonfires and s'mores too!

Winter solstice has a long history and although some winter solstice traditions have changed over time, they are still a reminder of indigenous peoples’ present and past understanding of the intricate workings of the solar system and an ancient understanding of the interconnectedness of the world essential today.

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