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Grow It Green Morristown is committed to sustaining operations and using our resources to serve those most impacted by COVID-19. We adapted our programs to create solutions to the challenges in the local food systems made even more visible through the pandemic. Our commitment is to ACTIVELY HELP OUR COMMUNITY . 


Grow It Green Morristown’s response has been:

  • Donate our harvested fresh, healthy produce weekly to organizations who are suited to distribute the food with dignity and equity

  • Sustainably grow more while teaching others to grow food to create self sufficiency and resilience

  • Provide learning opportunities to involve and educate our community (youth and beyond!) 

  • Improving  four season yields to help meet the challenge of food insecurity and continuously increase our winter production for donations

  • Care for low-till soil at the farm to grow fresh, healthy local food…because there is great need due to the residual impact of the pandemic in our community

  • Implement programs that address challenges in all aspects of the food system from growth to market



For us, planting is an action of HOPE! There are needs for change after the pandemic, and we have need for your support. Your contributions are essential to our ability to carry out our operations, today and tomorrow. 


Here is how YOU can help:

  • DONATE: Unrestricted donations allow us to nimbly direct funds to our operations that help our community most. 

  • SHARE: Share our message with others who may be able to support what we do.

  • CONNECT: Send us a message on Facebook and Instagram @gigmotown or @morriswintermarket. We want to hear from you and where we can help during these challenging times.

  • VOLUNTEER: Bring us your talents, skills and insight to learn and help us create a more equitable community. We have open volunteer slots at the Urban Farm

  • BUY LOCAL: Strong local food systems are dependent on our support of underrepresented local farmers and makers. Consumer responsibility is tied to our health as a community. 

  • BRING MORE FRESH IN TO YOUR HOMES: Eating healthy produce boosts your immune system and mental health. Involve and encourage your children to come to the farm and create positive food experiences that reduce health risk factors that put them at risk of being immune compromised in ways that they can control

THANK YOU for digging deep to contribute what you can at this time. Together, we can continue to grow and thrive. 

We will follow CDC, USDA and local COVID-19 recommendations at the farm, garden, greenhouse and Winter Market.

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