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Our Reach

This past year, we expanded to new heights by developing new programs and increasing overall access to fresh food, growing experiences, and education with more groups of people.

We reach people and strengthen communities because of your generosity! You make it possible for the entire Grow It Green team to work day in and day out to do the incredible work seen throughout these pages. Tackling the food system’s excessive environmental impact, while continuing to produce healthy and affordable food, is a huge challenge. You can be a part of efforts to change the system from farm to fork- making it healthier, greener and more equitable and local solutions are an essential step for our food security.  

Read on to learn what you are making possible this year.


Over 2,200 students aged Pre-K to college were involved with farm-based education programs this year- doubling the number from last year. Through these programs, students can connect to where food comes from, covering topics including plant science, nutrition, and environment.


Discovery-based learning is essential for creating positive food memories, while sparking curiosity and exploration for young minds. The earlier children are introduced to the taste of fresh foods including vegetables, the greater the impact on their long term health.


Families need support to grow up healthy eaters. In 2022, we have had so many schools, youth groups and scout groups reaching out ready for us to return in the classroom and coming back to the farm! 

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