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Dynamic Learning Helps Us All Grow

We engage children to learn about farming, healthy food, service and environmental stewardship. When we provide dynamic learning experiences, we help build social, emotional and mental health. Expose your child to new foods and new skills even at the youngest ages to help them meet important milestones as they grow, and create habits that give them the best opportunities to thrive. The focus is on each student's experience and meeting kids where they are, engaging discovery and curiosity about the natural world.

In 2023, 3,530 students enjoyed lessons with our educators and farmers, Shaun, Jenna and Kim. This school year is filled with lessons on the farm and in classrooms, along with Science and Wellness Fairs with our Education and Garden Mgr. Kim Haupt. The preschool and elementary school programming at many stages and ages is an important building block creating positive food memories for children around real food. Outdoor education encourages the use of math, science, verbal and social skills. High school programs are geared to spark innovation applying learning to the solutions we can create to address climate impacts on agriculture and the environment.


Unique farm to school experiences for Preschool- High School help students make connections between where their food comes from and how their food choices can impact their health, the environment, and their community. Our lessons are created with a determination to be culturally responsive, encouraging students to embrace their own stories, celebrate diversity, and learn about foods that honor and bond communities. We coordinate with teachers of visiting student groups, create curriculum, and provide staff to execute lessons at The Urban Farm. 




The need to build a foundation for children centered around healthy eating impacts their ability to grow, learn, play and thrive as individuals and members of a community.

Many of our volunteers are high school students in need of places to get outside and interact with others. The lessons they learned about service to community, stewardship of the land, and methods to grow food while caring for the environment were amazing. In addition, we initiated a new program coordinating with the Morristown High School STEM program to build individual hydroponic experiments. It was quite a journey of ups and downs trying to keep the plants alive. Science is about making mistakes, learning from the failures- and adapting for the future! We look forward to making more programs available with your support. In 2023, over 200 Morristown High School students came to Early Street Community Garden for unique lessons as part of the Environmental Sciences Curriculum along with English Language Learners who found the garden to be an inspiration to talk and write about!

We work with our community to celebrate a lifetime of healthy choices in our lives that help us to achieve aspirations. We inspire children of all ages to understand what we can do to be a part of a more just and resilient food system. 

Thank you to Kings Food Markets Nourishing Neighbors Foundation for their unwavering support of Nutrition Education!

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Preschool Programs (off-site)  

Individual lessons or reoccurring outreach programs are available at local area schools. Lessons can be customized to your individual educational needs.  Programs can focus on making nutritious eating fun, how plants grow, seed to table, and many more. Some possible outreach programs include topics like: Wonderful Worms, Pollinator Paradise, Five Little Pumpkins, and A Seed is Sleepy. Sessions can include crafts, storytelling and time in the garden if your facility is set up for outdoor education. Contact to discuss possibilities.

Watch this video to see an education program with second graders in the Morris School District.

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