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Welcome to our newly launched online webpage bringing you a few videos and recommended websites that we hope will inspire, educate and entertain you during these uncertain times.  Your health and wellness are so important to us. These resources are designed to engage our community about the natural world, sustainable living and the possibility of growing fresh food locally.  Check back often for more educational and exciting online materials


Grow It Green Morristown Pollinator Paradise lesson - all about bees

In this video, Farmer Tina focuses on the very special insects that help our garden grow-Pollinators like bees and butterflies. Farmer Shaun starts with an introduction to the beehives at our Early Street Community Garden in Morristown. Second, Farmer Tina shows the first harvestable food of the season that relies on pollination at The Urban Farm. Then she reads a delightful story called "Bea's Bees", and finishes with a tour of the pollinator friendly garden at her home. Hopefully this video will inspire some of you to grow your own little "pollinator paradise" at your house.

Rutgers - Supporting bees in your garden

National Wildlife Federation backyard habitat information

Sci Girls Bee Haven PBS video 

Kids Gardening Pollinator Patch activities

Virtual Field Trip to The Urban Farm

Farmer Tina and Farmer Shaun lead this field trip to The Urban Farm to learn about 12 different plants growing at the farm in Early May. Along the way, test your knowledge of plant parts to see if you can guess what part of the plant we are eating when we eat the different fruits and vegetables. Learn how to make hummus.


Seed to Table Lesson 

Farmer Tina leads this lesson intended for elementary-aged students to learn about the steps involved in planting a seed in the ground to having it end up on our dinner table for a meal, along with composting scraps to replenish the soil; thus creating a cycle.

Seed to Table lesson plan

Silly Vegetable faces

Fruit and vegetable bug snacks

Earth Day Lesson 

Learn from Farmer Tina as she teaches about the history of Earth Day and shares some tips regarding ways to make an impact at home, and leads a nature craft.

Composting with Worms at Home

Learn from Farmer Tina as she teaches about vermicomposting at home and how it works.  The second half is two story read alongs and a worm craft. 

Let it rot worksheet

Backyards dos and don'ts

Seed Investigation with Farmer Tina

Farmer Tina leads a discussion about the benefits of eating seeds (along with listing and showing examples of some of the most common ones). 

Parts of a Seed worksheet

Sprout House worksheet

How to Grow Microgreens

Learn helpful tips on how to successfully grow microgreens at home.

Story Time with Farmer Tina

Farmer Tina reads the story "Tree" by Britta Teckentrup

Story Time with Farmer Tina

Farmer Tina reads Nancy Tafuri's

"Five Little Chicks"

Story Time with Farmer Tina

Farmer Tina reads "Up In the Garden, Down in the Dirt" by Kate Messner

Story Time with Farmer Tina

Farmer Tina reads the story "Bee and Me" by Elle McGuinness as part of her farm to-go kit "The Bees Knees"

A look back at

The Urban Farm 

Watch and learn about our chickens and what makes The Urban Farm so unique. 

Refrigerator Pickles

This 4 minute video describes the steps necessary to make your own pickles at home using farm-fresh cucumbers.


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