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Tyke Time


Fridays in June-August 

10 am - 11 am 

Led by Ms. Jenna, Grow It Green's Education and Garden Manager

Tyke Time dates and links to sign up are coming! (max 2 children per family - please register each child individually to help us make sure we don't have too many children signed up for each session) 5 children minimum to run program- 15 children maximum

June 11th- FULL

Spring at the Farm

We are so excited to welcome you to the farm again this season. We will share a story, The Curious Garden, about starting a garden. Learn about the history of our Urban Farm, take a farm tasting tour, and go on a scavenger hunt! Help create our garden by planting flower seeds.

June 25th

Simply Seeds

Listen to a story all about the amazing world of Seeds. Inside a seed is a baby plant just waiting to grow. Investigate seeds using our taste, touch, and hearing senses! Make a seed ball to bring home and plant!

July 9th

Friendly Pollinators

Listen to the story Bee and Me. Find out all about the amazing  life/role of bees while looking at them in the native plant garden. Learn how to do the waggle dance just like the honeybees and play a game where you pretend to collect nectar/pollen from flowers. Taste some edible flowers available at the farm and make a butterfly feeder!

July 23rd

Plant Part Yoga Party

We will learn about the life cycle of a plant. We will then practice a plant yoga sequence to really help us remember. Our farm will be filled with wonderful veggies, as we walk through the farm we will have a mindful tasting of the different parts of the plants. Kids will have the opportunity to seed some plants for at home tasting!

August 6th 

Wonderful Worms

Time to get the wiggles out! Listen to Wonderful Worms & Compost Stew. We will go out with shovels and search for our own worms and rolypolies. We will make our own compost stew and check out the worm factory and learn all about how worms make Farmer’s black gold...compost! Make a worm craft to take home.

August 20th

Chatty Chickens

After reading Sonya’s Chickens, come play with our chickens.  Help feed them,  collect eggs, add hay to their nestboxes, and watch them scratch and peck. Sow your own chicken nest with natural and recycled materials!

All sessions are at the The Urban Farm at 31 Hazel Street, Morristown, for some summer Fun! 

Tyke Time encourages curiosity and learning about the natural world and farm life for children ages 2-5. One hour sessions will take place in an outdoor setting under the tents and on the farm at our Urban Farm, 31 Hazel Street, in Morristown, NJ. 

Cost: $15 per child / session. Registration and payment required prior to attendance. One caregiver per family needs to be present outside during the session. Please note this is not a drop off activity. Limited to 15 children. No more than one adult per child. 

Starting June 18th on Saturdays, The Urban Farm stand is open with fresh produce grown sustainably right at the farm. 


If COVID-19 procedures need to change depending on current CDC and state guidance and regulations, we will advise you.

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