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We look forward to welcoming groups of all ages at The Urban Farm next year!

Join our Farm staff at the Urban Farm or Early Street Community Garden for an opportunity to help sow the seeds of change in our community. The Urban Farm is New Jersey’s largest public school garden and the perfect site for your next scout group or class outing! This agricultural teaching garden, located on land owned by the Morris School District, allows us to bring high-quality, agriculture education to the Morristown Area Community in an urban setting, where vacant land is difficult to come by. Lessons are adapted to seasonal changes, as well as what produce is available at the Urban Farm at the time of the field trip. However, classes can be tailored to the needs of teachers and developed to align with what students are learning in the classroom. Lessons can be geared for children pre-school age through college. Typically classroom visits include a local tasting, planting activity and educational component. Lessons are one hour in length and the cost is $10/student. A Certificate of Insurance is required for your group to visit the Farm.

Urban Farm Field Trip Lesson Examples -

all include time for farm tour, planting, and tasting

Plant Parts we Eat: Students will learn that we eat all parts of the plant, not just fruit. In fact, we can even eat flowers or roots! All students will get a chance to try seasonal fruits and vegetables as we take a tour around the farm. (recommended for all ages)

Five Senses: Students will develop their observation skills by using their senses to explore the farm. Students will go on a scavenger hunt around the farm, along with an opportunity to taste farm fresh food. (recommended for pre-k/elementary age)

Eat a Rainbow: Students will learn how a nutritious colorful diet rich in fruits and vegetables helps them grow healthy and strong. All students will get a chance to try some fresh veggies as part of the lesson. (recommended for all ages)

Spectacular Seeds: Students will investigate the amazing world of seeds. Inside each tiny seed are the makings of a new plant. Students will dissect and observe a seed, sow some seeds for growing, and gather seeds for future planting (recommended for August-October all ages)

Flowers and Pollinators: Students will observe the busy pollinators at work and play a game where they pretend to be a bee. Students will learn how the pollinators make all of our fruits grow! (recommended June-September all ages)

Insect Detectives: Students will learn about the helpful and harmful insects and worms that live at the farm. We will observe them and discuss how they benefit the farm through pollination and making compost. (recommended for all ages)

Food Justice: Students will get an opportunity to discuss local food access, food deserts, and food systems as it applies to people living in urban areas. A healthy snack will be enjoyed along with the opportunity to plant something that will be harvested and donated to local families in need. (recommended for middle and high school only)

Biodiversity: Students will get an opportunity to investigate the benefits of biodiversity in farming. Students will learn how regenerative farming plays an important role in combating climate change. A healthy snack will be enjoyed along with the opportunity to plant something that will be harvested and donated to local families in need. (recommended for middle and high school only)

We offer a variety of hands-on educational activities and can tailor field trips to your needs and interests.


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