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Our 15th anniversary season is kicking off this year at The Urban Farm and we need volunteers to help us grow more food. Most projects involve working outdoors and may require physical labor. Please wear closed toe-shoes, bring water and wear sunscreen. We will help and guide you with the tasks. You don't need to have gardening experience to volunteer.


Students looking for volunteer opportunities will enjoy the chance to get outside and learn new skills while meeting others in the community. Documentation of volunteer hours is available. Reminder to bring any forms that need to be completed- for example MSD STEM forms


Youths, aged 15 and above, may volunteer on their own. Children, aged 14 and younger, may volunteer with a parent or caregiver. We ask every volunteer to fill out  a waiver in advance of your volunteer shift.



Volunteer Groups

Grow It Green is welcoming corporate and community groups at The Urban Farm and the Early Street Community Garden. Volunteer days spent with us are a great way to promote group bonding while completing critical tasks to serve the community. 


Together we can plan a project, or work on one of the many projects Grow It Green has already planned! 


Testimonial: I would just like to extend my gratitude to your non-profit for hosting us and allowing us to volunteer at the Early Street Community garden. Jenna was amazing, very thorough, and the group greatly benefited from her expertise! We appreciate your work in the community and vividly saw the impact! Thank you for your stellar communication throughout the whole process, I felt your support and had no unanswered questions. I look forward to volunteering with your non-profit in the future. Please also let us know when there's a need for volunteers, and we will definitely come out to volunteer again!

Contact us at info@growitgreenmorristown to talk about opportunities, projects and partnerships. We are open to ways to work together to build thriving, equitable food systems that respect the community and environment. 

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