Apprenticeship program 

Grow It Green Morristown completed our pilot year of our paid apprenticeship program to create opportunities for underrepresented populations to pursue a career in agriculture and its associated pathways. Vocational education opportunities in agriculture in urban areas are vital to create healthy and sustainable food systems.


Thanks to two sequential grants from the New Jersey Conservation Society, the 2021 apprentices were able to complete a full season on the farm. This important program can only be possible due to individual donors, foundations, or corporate support.

We will be starting our search for our 2022 apprentices in the first quarter of 2022. If you are interested in learning more about being part of this program or helping to fund it, please email

2021 Apprentices


Chris Rodriguez, Farm Apprentice (he/him/his)


Chris is a New Jersey-based musician and educator. He served as a high school English teacher for six years, advocating for culturally-responsive education for his students. In collaboration with his students, he created poetry and music clubs that served as spaces of care, exploration, artistry, and community. He also facilitates weekly Afro-Puerto Rican drumming circles (bateys) in Jersey City to foster healing and strengthen his community ties.


Chris comes to farming with the same intentions: to build relationships, this time withe the land. Guided by the marvelous decolonization work of indigenous activists, chris has taken time to honor and heal his own complicated history as a descendent of Puerto Rican and Cuban farmers. He worked with Grow It Green not only to return to his roots, but also to reimagine and recreate healthier, more balanced relationships between his communities and the Earth. 

Chris returns to the Urban Farm in the summer of 2022 leading Bomba sessions for teens 13-18 years old. Sign up for the newsletter to stay updated on all of our programs.


Grace Bambilla, Farm Apprentice


Grace is a lover of the outdoors, having grown up playing in the mud, taking walks through the quiet suburbs of Livingston, and going camping and fishing during the summers with her family, who taught her to work with her hands. She loves caring for animals and enjoys bee-watching.

She is currently a student at NJIT studying environmental science and sustainability, feeding her passion for sustainable agriculture and lifestyle while also protecting the Earth's fragile ecosystems from abrasive farming tactics. Her interest in environmental science and sustainability stemmed from a middle school gardening club where she learned how to take care of her first crop and why growing food locally is important for the environment.

Grace was an integral part of the team putting her passion and skills to use in promoting sustainable farming and eating!