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Expanding the Early Street Community Garden


Eight years ago we turned a vacant lot into a garden.

Now with over 100 people growing their own food, the garden has expanded two-fold and adding apublic features a public parklet!


From This...

To This.

And Adding ALL of This...

THANK YOU to the following individuals and organizations for their generous contributions to the #GROWEARLY Capital Campaign.​





Sustainable Jersey

Town of Morristown



Conservation Resources

Craig Newmark

F.M Kirby Foundation

Gran Fondo NJ

NJ Healthy Communities Network (Atlantic Health)

Kings Food Markets

The Rothman Family



Hyde & Watson Foundation



The Ace/Braemer Family

Charles L. Read Foundation

The Hankin/Rothman Family

In Honor of Hilda Kasden


The Hampshire Real Estate Companies

Jersey Gardens Landscaping

North Central Jersey Association of Realtors

Rago Brothers Shoe & Leather Repair

Brett & Theresa Ulrich



Paula & Bernard Davidoff

Carolle Huber

Glynnis Patterson & Rip Harris

Presbyterian Church in Morristown



Barbara Buda & Pete DeMeo

Galit Dadoun Cohen

Gloria Gallo

Thomas & Abby Gallo

Kathleen Haake

Meghan & Tom Jambor

In Memory of Melinda Mahoney

Hector Mislavsky & Judy Martinez

James McCready

Chase & Bryce Murray

Greg & Michele Murray

Megan & Paul Rabinowitz

The Rocco Family

Greg Socha

The Thackery Family


Our Garden Cultivators








Megan & Chris Brengel

Meredith Davidson

Vivian Gerschenhorn

Dan & Louise Karger

Donna McNamara

Andy Rosenberg & Tunde Hagymasi

Mary Jo Peay

Dizery Salim

Monica Seger

Marianne Tobler

In Loving Memory of Katina Tzifas

Shameer Vellayil

Douglas Vorolieff

Wellness Coaching of New Jersey

Royce Wintz



Jill Anderson

Kristin & Evan Carlson

John Colligan

Gail Cookson

Carol Davis

Kadie Dempsey & Dan Fenelon

Nicole Fletcher

Sandra Gessner

Marion Harris

Yoram & Roberta Meyer

Alfred Pierce

Elizabeth & David Sparacino

Thomas Tignor

Bethany Thomas

Chris & Christine Volinsky

Students in CCM's Bio-127 Summer 2015 Class



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