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Join Our Seedling CSA!

We’re excited to offer seedling CSA shares this year!

Help jump start your summer garden by letting

Grow It Greens talented staff to get your plants ready

for you. There are full and half share options for your

choosing. The full share fits well in a 8x8 garden bed

and each share we come with a planting guide.

Sign up today!

What to Expect

Plants included in the full share:

(2) Cherry Tomato  - Sun Gold  

(2) Heirloom Tomato - Tasmain Chocolate 

(2) Slicing Tomato - Big Beef

(2) Eggplant - Black Beauty 

(2) Pepper -Lunch Box 

(3) Cucumber – Market More  

(4) Swiss Chard - Bright Lights 

(4) Kale - Curly 

(2) Mini cabbage - Tiara  

(2) Bok Choy       

(4) Basil - pesto 

(2) Parsley- Flat leaf/ curly 

(6) Arugula     

(6) Lettuce - Fusion 

(1) Hot Pepper - Habanero

(4) Nasturium - Kaleidoscope Mix

Each full share is $59 and half share is $39 and will be available for pickup on May 16th at The Urban Farm. 

Plants included in the half share:

(2)Cherry Tomato  Sun Gold/ super sweets 

(2) Heirloom tomato Tasmain Chocolate  

(2) Tomato Big Beef

(2) Eggplant Black Beauty 

(2) Pepper  Lunch Box 

(2) Cucumber - Market More

(2) Swiss Chard Bright lights 

(2) Kale - Curly 

(2) Parsley Flat leaf/ curly

(2) Lettuce Green Bibb   

When to Pick-up

Seedlings will be available for pick-up on May 16th at The Urban Farm.


IMG_1572 (2).jpg

Our plants are grown in a sustainable setting in our greenhouse at the College of Saint Elizabeth. All plants are grown with “beyond organic” principles, meaning we don't use chemical or organic fertilizers. 

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