Virtual Farm Fun

 at the Urban Farm

 fun learning opportunities continue into Fall with farm TO-GO learning Kits and videos created by Farmer Tina!

Farmer Tina is creating fun learning activities for home to support your virtual learning. We miss you at the farm but don't want the learning and fun to stop!


Kits are available for sale as announced in the weekly newsletter and on social media @gigmotown. Prices vary based on the size of the kit and need to be purchased in advance using the link below to be picked up on the dates below during Farm Stand hours of 10 am-2 pm. Dec. and Jan. sale locations and times TBD.

2020 Schedule 

Magnificent Monarchs: $10

Sat., September 26th

In September, monarch butterflies from New Jersey begin their miraculous 2,000+ mile migration back to Mexican forests for the winter. Check out our YouTube channel to follow Farmer Tina and her teacher friend Senora Kelly for a bilingual lesson all about the lifecycle of the amazing monarch butterfly. Listen to the story Gotta Go! Gotta Go! and learn about the incredible journey monarch butterflies take from New Jersey to Mexico every year. The video also includes videos of monarch caterpillars munching on leaves of milkweed, chrysalis, and adult butterflies being released at the Urban Farm. Milkweed seeds and informational pamphlets will be included in the kit to take home and encourage habitat for the monarchs. Additionally, supplies to create a cute butterfly wand craft are included.


Healthy Snacking Kit: $20

October 10th


Keep your family eating healthy fruits and veggies all day by using this VeggiDome. The VeggiDome is a glass-top produce container that keeps veggies fresh at room temperature within reach when you need a snack. Perfect for grazing children or people working at home. Meal prepping in the morning by chopping up veggies is a great way to set your day up for success. 


This kit comes with some colorful snacking options such as Grow It Green salad turnips, bell peppers, and radishes. Also included is a coloring sheet about the importance of fresh food and veggies. $20

Fall Harvest Kit: $20

October 17th

Warm up these crisp autumn days with two delicious recipes and farm-fresh supplies for making a fall harvest vegetable soup and a healthy pumpkin muffin. Additionally, supplies are included for making adorable yarn pumpkin decorations for your home.

Winter Gardening at Home: $15

October 24th

Growing doesn’t end when the temperature gets below 32 degrees. Some plants need the cold temperatures to grow next year. Learn how you can extend the growing season using simple tricks at home. Included in this kit is an instructional video shot at The Urban Farm where we explain what we do to continue growing into the fall and through the winter! Find out what you can do at your house this fall to improve your production yields next year. The kit includes six bulbs of garlic to plant at your home to enjoy next summer, plus seeds, soil and supplies to create your own “mini-greenhouses” using recycled milk jugs. 

Plants as Art: $20

November 7th

This kit includes the instructions and supplies needed to create your own masterpieces from seeds and vegetables. Kit includes, but not limited to: fabric scraps with beets, spinach and onions to create natural dyes. Potatoes and paint to create stamps. Assorted seeds and template to make mosaics. Recipes and inspiration to make fun fruit and vegetable bug snacks.

Microgreen Planting Kit: $30

November 21st 

This kit includes supplies necessary to grow your own microgreens at home. Different seeds peas and sunflowers, soil medium and tray are supplied.  Just add water and light and soon you will be enjoying delicious and nutritious microgreens. 

Natural homemade holiday gift wrap and card: $15

December 6th

Natural homemade holiday gifts and card kit: $20

Give someone an extra special gift this year decorated in your own veggie stamped wrapping paper and recycled paper card. Kit includes supplies to make your own potato stamps, fragrant orange clove pomander ornament, and homemade veggie-themed card.

Fig Tree Kit: $30

December 13th 

Give the gift of fresh fruit this season. Included in this kit is a locally grown greenhouse fig tree sapling and a barnwood box planter. Fig tree must remain indoors over the winter and will be ready to produce fruit next growing season. Includes growing instructions.

Herb Kit to Go: $20

January 10th 

This kit includes three clay pots to paint/decorate as well as three seedlings (Basil, Parsley, & Dill) and soil ready for planting. This herb kit can decorate your windowsill all winter and provide you with delicious and aromatic flavors. Also included in this kit is a bundle of fresh sage and rosemary.

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